This responsibility is part of the REPOSITIONING of the Hub Club including the final clients: The active environmental RESPONSIBILITY is demonstrated by three concrete action directions, continuously improved through each development season, right from the Pre-CODD (Preparation of Co-Design – Co-Development) stage of the related Collection, that connect closely with the Pioneer 1

meanningful consumption    responsible brands    meanningful consumption    responsible brands   





  1. Reduce carbon emissions

  2. Reduce the use of natural resources, polluting artificial chemicals and water

  3. Reduce wastes – most importantly hazardous wastes and persistent wastes



  • Reduce the use of fossil fuels.
  • Increase the use of recyclable energy (solar and wind energy) : core condition in construction.
  • Layout restructuring projects at each FB and the industry’s operating site. The motivations of improving continuously quality for reducing quantity contribute actively to this action direction.


Scavi X CarbonFact

Reducing Environmental Impact: With the assistance of CarbonFact, Scavi will identify areas where emissions can be reduced. From the production process to packaging and transportation, every aspect of the fashion cycle will be examined. By reevaluating manufacturing techniques, utilizing eco-friendly materials, and implementing energy-efficient practices, Scavi is determined to minimize their environmental impact. The goal is to create products that are both fashionable and sustainable without compromising on quality or design.

Scavi I-REC Certificate

As an important company in the country, we have a societal responsibility. Our ambition is to reduce our carbon footprint through concrete and tangible actions.

Scavi certifies the renewable sources of its energy from 2021, to be aligned with our customers expectations. Each month, 200 000 kWh are certified on I-REC*. In Scavi, all energy consumption is certified, we run on 100% renewable energy. Our products are made with 100% renewable energy. Scavi continues its march towards being a carbon-neutral manufacturing company.

The certificate allows the customers to have more visibility in Scavi emissions




There are many ways to reduce wasted energy, including energy saving strategies and technologies such as replacing inefficient equipment with energy efficient equipment, and installing programmable thermostats to automatically adjust cooling levels based on occupancy. Not only does reducing business’ energy waste help the environment, but it can also save money. 

In Scavi, we turn off the electricity when having break time for lunch and finish the working hour, which applies to all working shifts.

SCAVI’s Electricity commitments : Update power-saving machinery technology such as switching from fluorescent lamps to LED lights.

  • C1 – For the achievement of BRAND targets on Quality/Cost/Speed 

  • C2 – For supporting closely BRAND to cut significant BRAND global management cost, below the BRAND Gross Profit




In the global repositioning of the industry, we have implemented digitalization administrative processes in Scavi. This operation is carried out in several stages. This approach is not limited to the IT field. It extends to every important branch of the management, such as accounting and finance. This transformation is made to optimize the services offered the reduction of the processing time. This process is also a secret weapon for securing data. With this more modern technique, we have avoided frequent errors such as misentering data… Finally, by taking steps to digitize our process, we reduce our waste and minimize our environmental impact.

The transformation towards the digital world improved our performance and also reduced expenses.

All the procedures have been digitized until now (reduction of paper usage…) :

  • QR code meal ticket

  • Gate pass

  • Annual leave form

  • Man-day confirmation

  • Vehicle booking form

  • Meeting room booking

  • Internal COVID-19 declaration

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