Financière B’Lao, previously Corèle International, is a leading French group that excels in global outsourcing services across various industries such as Lingerie, Underwear, Swimwear, Sportswear, and Protective Clothing.

One of its notable achievements is through SCAVI, a subsidiary owned by Financière B’Lao, which proudly holds the distinction of being the first Foreign Direct Investment License granted to Vietnam in 1988.

Today, with a diverse and widespread community of 20,000 members worldwide, Financière B’Lao, through SCAVI, continues to epitomize excellence and innovation in the global business landscape.



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Mr. Phu TRAN VAN, the visionary Chairman-Founder with over 36 years of leadership in the International Lingerie Industry. Shaped by his experiences in war-torn Vietnam, he embodies values of sharing, altruism, courage, and relentless perseverance.

Going beyond conventional measures of success, his book, “Relaunch France and Europe – The Voluntary Democracy”, earned the prestigious CRESUS Prize in 2011.

Within its pages, he shares profound insights on dismantling societal barriers. He explores the essence of fostering collective commitment, presenting a compelling vision where ‘No walls’ social capitalism is not just a possibility, but a future that beckons us to transcend conventional boundaries and embrace a more inclusive and sustainable world.



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Situated in the south of France, the ancient Chateau Forge Du Roy is the Headquarter of Foundation B’Lao, as well as the Resourcing Center of Group Financière B’Lao and our partners. Especially, this is also where the International Award event takes place, once every 3 years, starting from 2022. These awards will be given to exceptional innovations with global influence to Lifetime Education, what Foundation B’Lao has always been committing to. The Foundation B’Lao pioneers to encourage humanity’s creativity in global connection for lifetime education and training development, as well as contributing practical values to the society. This is what the Foundation B’Lao endeavors to achieve.

Created in France in January 2017 by Mr. Phu TRAN VAN, Chairman – Founder of Group Financière B’Lao, as a milestone of social responsibility where the company is governed by those who build it, the Foundation promotes and develops lifetime education that conveys the Core Values of life in that it believes:

Mr. Phu TRAN VAN is convinced, from his observation in life, that social performance, developed by a system of Core Values is at the root of the economic performance and that these two performances feed each other, being the two complementary forces of the same ambition.

The pioneered engagement in social responsibility of the Foundation B’Lao through lifetime education has begun with the opening of the first B’Lao Kindergarten in August, 2017 in Phong Dien, Thua Thien Hue, Vietnam, next to Group Scavi’s biggest Industrial Center. The kindergarten welcomes about 200 children from 18 months up to 5 years old across 8 classes, with 20 teachers working full time. In the long run, the kindergarten will be able to comfortably accommodate 600 children.

The Foundation B’Lao will expand the scope of its educational projects in every location where the Group is operating. In Northern France, with its leading role, the Foundation B’Lao will connect with public authorities and industry partners to develop educational projects in the region. In Vietnam, the Foundation B’Lao will open green campuses offering holistic education programs, spanning from preschool to university, as well as continuous and vocational education for the underemployed.



At the heart of our brand lies a passion for manufacturing excellence, ensuring that each garment is crafted with precision, care, and a keen eye for detail. Explore our extensive range of products, where we seamlessly blend style, comfort, and versatility. 

At SCAVI, our relentless pursuit of knowledge, creativity, and skill refinement defines us. As of now, we specialize in:

  • Intimates 
  • Underwear
  • Nightwear
  • Home wear
  • Sportswear
  • Activewear
  • Kids wear



Up to now, Group SCAVI has three strategically located management centers driving our operations, and a network of ten cutting-edge industrial facilities spread across the world.

3 management centers

  • SCAVI HO-CENTRAL Management Center Vietnam
  • CENTRAL-REGION Management Center Vietnam
  • EUROPEAN Management Center , France

10 industrial facilities:

  • SCAVI EUROPE, France
  • SCAVI BIEN HOA, Vietnam
  • SCAVI BAO LOC, Vietnam
  • SCAVI HUE, Vietnam
  • SCAVI DA NANG, Vietnam
  • B’LAO SPORT, Vietnam
  • SCAVI QUANG TRI, Vietnam
  • SCAVI LAOS, Laos



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